We are WTFlightsim,

But who are we / who am I ?

Well, I, Florian, have been, and still am a Flight Sim enthusiast. I started out with FS2004 on a 2Ghz/2GB RAM Laptop and enjoyed every minute of it.

I remember merging the PSS777 panel with the POSKY 777 model and having an absolute blast, ahhh, good times.

Many years later i'm still into FS and man, we've come a long way. 

Then one day I decided to go and build my own airport because, how hard can it be, right ?

Well, turns out it can be a real pain in the "behind" but nevertheless, i love it, modelling "my" airports and seeing them come to life in the Simulator brings me immense joy and here I am, sharing my work with you guys.

I want to bring you airports that the "big" developers don't have on their radar, and i'll bring them to you for a very fair price.

I sincerely hope you are happy with your purchase, and if not, then please tell me why,  my team will do everything they can to help you out.


Florian - WTFlightsim