News and Updates


12.02.2022, 23:44

Update on Easter Islands progress and future plans

Hello, i hope you're all doing well - we here at WTFlightsim have been very busy working on SCIP - Mataveri International Airport. Things are going according to plan, with a few little hickups here and there,...   mehr

06.12.2021, 00:00

Easter Islands and Phuket Update

Hello folks, i hope you're all doing well and are staying healthy. I want to share some news with you, first of - i'm working on SCIP, Mataveri Intl. Airport located on the easter islands. I will release this...   mehr

28.10.2021, 21:47

Phuket Airport coming to MSFS

WTFlightsim's version of Phuket Airport is well on it's way to MSFS2020. This will not be a simple conversion of the P3D Version as i'm rebuilding and retexturing quite a few things aswell as adding more...   mehr


Minor fix for Phuket

I have uploaded a minor fix for Phuket (included in your Simmarket download) I didn't want to wait until the update to give that to you, so here you go.   mehr


Phuket now available

I want to thank each and every one of you for buying Phuket Airport, i'm pretty overwhelmed with the response so far, Thank you. So, what's next ? VNKT is in development and going well, besides that we're...   mehr