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Update on Easter Islands progress and future plans

i hope you're all doing well - we here at WTFlightsim have been very busy working on SCIP - Mataveri International Airport.
Things are going according to plan, with a few little hickups here and there, but that was to be expected.
Though it's hard to set an exact date, i'm confident SCIP will release no later than April this year (for MSFS).
The plan then is to also bring this airport to P3D - the timeframe on that depends on a variety of things, one of them is VNKT - Kathmandu Intl. Airport in Nepal which is beeing worked on as i type this.
I don't have a timeline on VNKT, but i would expect the airport to be in a somewhat "presentable state" in the summer of 2022.
If you have any questions or suggestions - please use the "Contact Us" page - i'm looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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